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Fort Lauderdale Structured Cabling Solutions

CPT has the experience to provide your business with a successful cabling installation. As Fort Lauderdale’s most trusted structured cable providers, we can help you avoid those costly mistakes that are common in other businesses and industries across South Florida with a cable installation that’s seamless, noninvasive, and as invisible as possible.

In today’s world of technology, a clean and organized cabling system is crucial for the proper function of your business on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, our team has decades worth of experience with commercial cabling that will keep your entire business running at peak efficiency. Our team draws up plans for pre-installation, and performs on-site examinations of all devices in order to determine what cabling needs are necessary so that we can ensure excellent performance from the start!

What Separates CPT from Other Structured Cabling Companies In Fort Lauderdale?

CPT of South Florida is committed to providing you and your employees with the most reliable telecommunications systems. We offer top-of-the-line structured cabling installations, upgrades, or maintenance that will ensure a longer lifespan for your most important systems.

We at CPT know that you’re looking for a partner who can help your business keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape. We specialize in providing flexible infrastructure with a high ROI on our services.

By entrusting CPT of South Florida with your Fort Lauderdale business’ structured cabling needs, you can expect:

  • On-call technicians whenever you need assistance.
  • Maintenance contracts focused on the needs of you and your business designed to minimize costs and maximize productivity.
  • Fixed contract costs.

What Does Structured Cabling Entail?

Structured cabling is an important procedure that ensures all of your business’s devices are connected to the network infrastructure. The foundation for this IT process includes organizing cables and connecting them together in a way that makes it easy to find what you need when troubleshooting or installing new equipment. Without structured cabling, there would be no way to get anywhere near as much productivity out of your technology and team.

When your business runs into an IT issue, it’s not just the technology that needs attention. The cabling throughout your entire office should also be examined as a potential source of the existing issues. Cabling that’s set up improperly or in a mess can elongate the troubleshooting process, leading to even more issues. Having unorganized wires significantly increases the chances of human error. This can cause network failures and other workflow disruptions that lead to the loss of time and money.

CPT has decades of experience planning, designing, and executing network wiring services for all companies in the Fort Lauderdale area. For data cabling installations we can also assist with upgrading an existing IT environment to make sure you’re up to date. The world of business and technology is always changing and evolving which is why you need a cabling system that allows you to make changes on the fly. If you need a company with the experience necessary to handle your complicated cabling installation, look no further than CPT of South Florida.

Commercial and Enterprise Structured Cabling In Fort Lauderdale

The CPT team offers high-quality commercial structured cabling services for your Fort Lauderdale business. From the moment you contact us, our team gets to work understanding your needs, setup, layout, existing technology, and requirements. From there our skilled technicians begin cabling your entire office. Quick, efficient, and noninvasive, they’ll get your entire office space connected without ever getting in the way of your day-to-day operations. Whether cabling an office space or an entire office building, we have the team in place to assist you throughout the entire process. Our scalable solutions are tailored to your needs, not the other way around.

Benefits Of Structured Cabling

The need for a structured cabling system has never been more crucial than it is now. With the development and release of new electronic gadgets that use wireless network connectivity, your workspace may soon become cluttered with wires if you do not take steps to evaluate the benefits that come with structured cabling setups. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost-Effective: Structured cabling is a cost-effective solution for having your business run smoothly. This scalable solution will help provide a continuous flow of information even at high-demanding levels. In turn, this will help boost productivity and drive your business to be more successful. Cabling systems will also help reduce power and maintenance costs, while also eliminating the time and money spent trying to locate certain issues on your network.
  • Ease of Management: When you operate a business, chances are you have a lot of different desks and equipment set up around the office. All of this different equipment is going to have cables that have to go somewhere in order to power on and have access to the different pieces of software in your office. If you don’t structure these cables the correct way, attempting to manage them can be impossible. With CPT of South Florida, we can structure your cables perfectly. Having proper cabling systems makes adding new hardware and software easier than ever. No longer do you have to track down each individual cable to see where it goes. You also won’t have to deal with messy cables that create large messes. 
  • Reduced Risk of Downtime: When there are a number of unorganized cables running throughout your office, the chance of human error significantly increases. This can result in workflow disruptions and network downtime, meaning a loss in time and money. A carefully throughout cabling system makes troubleshooting and getting to the root of a problem easier than ever.
  • Flexible: Structured cabling systems can be customized and set up in almost any way. This makes it extremely flexible and an easy solution for any office setup. CPT of South Florida will work with you in order to provide the best-structured cabling system for your office. 
  • Future Proof Investment: One of the biggest benefits of having a structured cabling system is the high bandwidth it provides, making it a reliable infrastructure for growing businesses. Structured cabling makes it easy to grow your business and respond to the quick changes that occur in the business world. Our structured cabling solutions in Miami will make sure your business is never outdated and will always support new applications that help your business grow.
  • Cybersecurity Enhancements
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Zero Mess of Wires Everywhere: When your cables are structured the proper way, you don’t have to worry about messy wires and cables running everywhere. When CPT of South Florida handles structured cabling in Fort Lauderdale, you can trust that your cables with be neat and out of the way.

CPT Is Your Structured Cabling Expert

Your building and your business communication needs are different from those of everyone else. That’s why we use a process that is designed to meet both sets of regulations, so you can feel confident in the quality of workmanship from start to finish without worrying about prolonged downtime for your team.

CPT of South Florida provides a wide range of services to meet your business needs, from conducting site surveys and providing complete walkthroughs with you in order to understand the requirements more clearly. We also offer managed IT support in Fort Lauderdale so that all aspects related to cabling or other technologies can be taken care of without hassle!

Cabling is the backbone of every business. Without it, your data connection will be cluttered and confused with unnecessary interference from other sources such as power lines or phone lines in close proximity to your network equipment. Messy cables can be a nightmare as you try to navigate your office space day in and day out—don’t be caught in the web, and trust in CPT of South Florida to make sense of your cables.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your cabling needs. We’ll walk you through each and every step to ensure that you know exactly what needs to be done.


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Customer Reviews

CPT of South Florida

Customer Reviews

John C

CPT installed a new Avaya IP phone system for my office. The transfer to the new system was seamless. The installers were very professional. We are very happy with our new system and CPT.

Scott Meyer

CPT of South Florida just upgraded all of our offices Avaya systems to the newest software versions. The tech was knowledgeable and very thorough when reviewing all of our system features and programming. This is a great group to work with.

Mario Bacelar

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Attention to their customers and they go beyond the line of duty with high hopes and capability for solutions.

Definitely Recommend.


Our business switched from one large VOIP provider to GoToConnect recommended by CPT of South Florida. Although we had a significant pricing decrease, the biggest benefits were in a much more user friendly and powerful phone system.

1st Performance Marina

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great, Professional Service!!

Amaro Hesen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Fantastic company - Highly Recommended!
CPT of South Florida are professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the tech needs for businesses.

Lee Dubey

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

CPT has been a great partner for many years. We can always depend on their expertise and recommendations. They have solved complicated network issues with top notch techs. They also recommended and guided us through the installation of the logmein/Jive phone system that turned out to be a great decision and CPT was a big part of the projects success..

Ilene Fostoff

2 years ago I replaced my phone system. It was a very difficult situation due to the nature of my business. CPT did a good job. There were some hiccups as there are in anything you do of this magnitude and CPT rectified them. There support in the last 2 years has been very good.

Scott Bonora 24/1/19

Barrett and his team did a great job throughout the whole process of installing a new phone system. We went with the Avaya phone system and we are very happy with it.

Rene Villa 24/1/19

They provide high quality post implementation services. CPT support team remains engaged until my requests are fulfilled. Thank you!